Over the past 14 years I have posted over 60,000 videos on YouTube as MOXNews and CSpanJunkie. The news and current events videos I have taken the time to record, edit and upload over the years have been re-posted by thousands of other websites worldwide.  My videos are never monetized; they are ad-free & commercial free. I post news stories for historical documentation and free discussion under the Fair Use Doctrine. I do not censor comments, nor moderate. Hate speech and threats are the only exception, which will be promptly removed.

Over the years I have done my best to keep MOXNews Viewers well informed and help keep their eyes open, in hopes of being better prepared for whatever crazy thing is about to happen next.

Even though Google has tried to shut me down by deleting tens of thousands of my video posts, and suspending my Channel, I continue fighting on. The only way this has been possible is because of generous people who appreciate my hard work and want to ensure it continues well into the future.

I will make this pledge to YOU, my viewing audience:As long as I have enough support I will fight everyday to make my viewers glad and proud that for yet another day MOXNews fights on!”

If you see my work to be of value to yourself and to the world and you are able, I only ask that you make a small donation to help keep MOXNews going.

  • With that, I will do my best to continue my Daily Service.

I Thank You All!      🙂